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Your Thoughts, Fears & Emotions

Surveys have shown that the most popular fantasy is multiple partner interactions.

Many people love the idea of a couple's interaction however they have fear of the unknown for their own relationship.
Our maturity gives us a huge advantage, not only due to our tantalising sexual expertise that comes from our years of experience, however, it also gives us emotional intelligence.

We understand the emotions that many couples or singles will go through prior to (and after) meeting us. These are varied due to age, inexperience, race, emotions, churring thought, fears, and physical attributes, the list is long, these are just a few.


Our professionalism ensures you'll be treated with utmost care and you will be guided along the way, our playfulness will calm your mind. You are in a safe space, although this is pure pleasure you are making a business transaction with us where you are paying for our time.

We are a secure couple with an incredible life together, and we work hard through love and communication to keep our bond tight. We put huge value on personal relationships and choose actions that ensure we enhance yours and use methods to alleviate any uncertainty and fears you may have.


It goes without saying this will be done with the utmost discretion, it cannot be any other way.

This area had incredible bonding relationship benefits, however being a deeply personal space, this takes 100% open communication in a safe calm space between yourselves before and most importantly AFTER the encounter. 

It’s a great idea to discuss together why you are contacting us, what benefits are you wanting to get out of this as a couple. 

The most important focus is your  partner before, during and after. 

This area is a raging powerful river that takes emotional intelligence from all parties involved  to safely navigate the rapids, and not get tossed into a dark space. The idea is to have no expectation to harness the river, it is far to complex and powerful, however to flow with it and be open to discuss what you have learnt, what you need, what you could work on, etc. 



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