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Are your rates negotiable?

​ We are genuinely grateful for your interest in our services. Our rates are fixed, they are nonnegotiable to ensure the highest quality of work. If they don't align with your budget, we completely understand, and it may indicate we're not the perfect fit for your needs. Thank you for considering us."

How discreet is your service?

We take privacy very seriously; we understand the importance of discretion and this goes both ways. This is an industry where repeat business is paramount and we want to ensure a smooth, safe and discreet service is given to ensure happy companions.


Is Payment Discreet?

Please read at the bottom of the following  'Deposits & Cancellation' link.


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Who is Your Normal Clientele?

There is an image out there of the ‘type’ of person who sees an escort, well I think you’d be very surprised at the answer. The best way we can answer this is next time you are out to dinner at a nice restaurant, look around at the adults there, they are typically the type of people who are our companions. Yes, they look normal don’t they. They are well presented, have put effort in to how they look and they come in all ages, ethnicities, shapes and sizes.

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Do you discriminate?

  We want to emphasize that we do not discriminate based on factors such as age (all clients must be 18 or older), race, physical appearance, sexual orientation, body shape, or any other similar characteristics. Our commitment is to provide a welcoming and inclusive environment for all.

We prioritise individuals who exhibit impeccable manners, maintain excellent hygiene, and demonstrate a respectful attitude. Embracing these qualities significantly increases the likelihood of becoming a cherished companion.


Do you offer unprotected sex (sex without a condom)?

Cleanliness  and sexual health are our top priority. We go to great lengths to make sure we protect you and ourselves.

The answer is unequivocally a firm no. Aside from that having unprotected sex professionally is illegal in most states, it can put me/you, your sexual partners (and for many this partner may be their wife) at risk of catching STIs.

What does ‘Full Service’ mean?

It means that all going well the opportunity for oral and penetrative sex is there.

This is based on your level of hygiene, attitude plus confirmation of a visual sexual health check.


 Are your photos real?

​It is known in the industry that one of the biggest issues that clients have when meeting an escort for the first time is that the escort doesn’t look like the photos. Many escorts will use over-filtered photos, old photos, or even photos of a completely difference person! We cannot imagine how disappointing that would be, first impressions are everything, and we want you to be delighted when you first see us.

All of our photo’s are recent, we aren’t perfect as we aren’t spring chickens and we see that as a benefit, not something to hide.

We work hard on our health (bodies, minds, and spirit), and we are confident and happy with the way we look right now, and this is reflected in our photos!

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