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Encounters With Us Are Fixed Price

Please note our prices are fixed, they are non-negotiable.  We kindly ask you to refrain from haggling the price, as this is a deeply personal experience it can sometimes make both parties feel uncomfortable. Our goal is to provide a positive and pleasant experience for ourselves and our companions, and we believe transparent clear fixed pricing helps achieve that.


Blurred Photo’s

For our own safety and privacy , we have chosen to blur our faces in the photos.

We do not send anyone who has not paid a deposit full-face photos and we will never send full faced naked photo’s as we don’t have control of where they end up.

If you require full-face photos prior to paying a deposit, then I think that we are not the duo for you.


No Photo Collectors Please

Please do not request additional photos, the photos provided are a recent true representation of us.

In this industry, we get many ‘photo collectors’ (people who collect photos but never make bookings) both for personal and professional purposes. There are businesses that have teams of people whose job it is to contact escorts requesting racy photos which they then put on their websites without consent.

 As you can imagine that is definitely against our wishes, therefore we take measures to avoid this outcome.

Natural Services (Penetration Without a Condom).

Every day we get asked if we’d accept an additional fee for natural services. The answer is definitely no, we are not willing to put ourselves, our partners, and our business at risk. If you were to thinking this through, I would expect neither would you.

What to Epect Prior to Your Date

This link explains it very well, absulutely worth reading.

Arrival Conduct Expectations

Every now and then it happens that someone is so nervous they arrive having had far too many substances to calm their nerves. A couple of drinks is great, however, have them with us!!

In order to ensure that everyone has an enjoyable and memorable experience, we kindly request that you refrain from consuming alcohol (or other substances) or arriving intoxicated. We believe that a clear and present state of mind will help you fully appreciate the evening and make the most of your time with us.

Please understand that if you arrive in a state of intoxication that disrupts the event, is potentially unsafe for you or affects the experience for others, we may have no choice but to cancel your booking.

Unfortunately, in such a case, we will not be able to provide refunds as our time and resources have been allocated accordingly.

Let's not forget…..Honor a 'No'. No means No.

When your escort expresses a refusal to any request or activity, it is imperative that you respect their decision.

The notion that 'the customer is always right' does not apply in this context. Consensual intimacy involves both individuals collaboratively determining their shared desires and boundaries. Just like you, your escort will have preferences and limits when it comes to intimate encounters. Failing to respect their boundaries can lead to a negative outcome for your booking. In the best-case scenario, you may be asked to leave, while in the worst-case scenario, you could face charges of sexual assault.

If your companion says 'stop,' you must immediately cease the activity. In response to a 'no,' express gratitude for their communication and propose an alternative activity. Additionally, it is crucial to honor requests for 'slowing down' or being 'gentle.' The emphasis lies not only in halting when requested but also in ensuring your escort feels comfortable throughout the encounter.

It's important to remember that you have the same rights in this situation. If something doesn't feel right to you, you have the option to request a break or stop the activity. You can also communicate your preferences to your escort and request avoidance of any activities that you do not enjoy. Do not hesitate to communicate your feelings, as it is your escort's responsibility to ensure your safety, just as it is your responsibility to respect their boundaries.

Stealthing offences

In many Australian states “stealthing” (a situation where a client may attempt to sneakily remove or not use a condom without a sex worker’s knowledge or consent) is a crime. There are 2 laws that apply:

It is illegal for any person providing or receiving a commercial sexual service (i.e. a sex worker or client) to “misuse, damage or interfere” with a condom or other safer sex product, or to continue to use a condom or other safer sex device that the person knows is damaged (maximum penalty 50 penalty units – Sex Work Act 1992). 

It is also illegal for any person (including a sex worker or client) to engage in sexual intercourse without consent or an act of indecency without consent (maximum penalty – up to 14 years imprisonment – Crimes Act 1900). The law states that a person does not consent to sexual activity if the consent was given because of an “intentional misrepresentation by another person about the use of a condom” (Crimes Act 1900).

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