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Deposit and Cancellations

We kindly request a 30% non-refundable deposit at the time of booking an appointment. Please understand that this policy is not open to negotiation.

The non-refundable deposit serves two important purposes

Time Management: It helps us efficiently manage our schedule and allocate the necessary time and resources to ensure the highest quality experience during your companionship.

Commitment: Your deposit signifies your commitment to the appointment and demonstrates that you have taken the time to plan and consider our engagement.

In the event that we are able to secure an alternative booking for the same time slot, we may consider applying your deposit towards rescheduling. However, please be aware that this option is not guaranteed and will be based on getting another booking for the same time.

We appreciate your understanding of these policies, as they enable us to maintain the highest standards of service and ensure a positive experience for all our clients.


Is payment discreet?

We take privacy very seriously; we understand the importance of discretion and this goes both ways. This is an industry where repeat business is paramount and we want to ensure a smooth, safe and discreet service is given to ensure happy companions.

Once an appointment time has been discussed, we will send you our business account details for you to make your deposit.

Appointment times are held for you for a maximum of 2 hours giving you time to organise your payments.


You can conveniently make the deposit through the following methods

1. Beem It

It encrypts your information so that people can't see it

 When receiving/or sending money , depending on your bank it will appear with a description of either:  Beem     or Beem It. Information like usernames names, and messages will not show on your bank statement

See Beem It sign up & FAQ’s

 2. Bitcoin

 3. Prezzee gift voucher (select the Prezzee smart e-gift card only, not a specific brand).
The sign up is very easy and the app easy to use, as it guides you through each step.
Please address to Tren Hunter or Ella Quinn Madden and email to

 4. Smart ATM -cash deposit

  For International Electronic Funds Transfers (EFT), please allow up to 72 business hours for the transfer to clear and be confirmed, particularly when organising an international Fly Me To You (FMTY) arrangement.

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